Eporex-3000, 10 amps - 3000IU, Meditech

Eporex-3000, 10 amps - 3000IU, Meditech

Ingredient: Erythropoietin
Package: 3 injections per week
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Eporex-3000 - Meditech - 10 amps - 3000IU

Endurance sports athletes, including cyclists, cross-country skiers, and marathon runners, have always known they can improve their performance by increasing the oxygen in their muscles. To achieve this, they use a variety of techniques that increase the number of red blood cells (erythrocytes), which are responsible for oxygen transport. Among these techniques are physiological methods, like training at high altitude to stimulate physiological production of red blood cells, as well as illegal and dangerous methods, such as blood doping and, more recently, the use of the erythropoietin (EPO), obtained by genetic engineering.

Athletes who use it are essentially endurance runners and high-level cyclists, but some weightlifters have begun to use it. As everyone knows, the red blood cells are the carriers of oxygen in the blood. That is why these athletes were interested in EPO, which causes a considerable increase in red blood cells. The resulting effect increases the blood's ability to store oxygen and thus improves performance.

However, erythropoietin raises doping control problems. First, if this hormone is metabolized quickly by the liver (its lifetime is 6 to 8 hours), an increase in the rate of this substance is detectable for a very short period of time. Second, as in the case of anabolic androgenic steroids, erythropoietin produces its effects well beyond the period of detection. So an easy, accurate, and inexpensive testing protocol is still not possible. It would therefore be futile to attempt to police its use, however widespread, by analysis of blood to detect EPO. Thirdly, while it is possible to detect in urine (validation of an indirect method by WADA in June 2001), this does not prevent cheaters who just arrive a few days before the event (on a Olympic site for example!). They can take advantage of the doping effects in the following days, as the EPO enhances the potential endurance a week after stopping treatment. Under these conditions, athletes can still reap the benefits of EPO without testing positive on the day of the competition.

The doses normally used range from a minimum of 20 IU per kg of body weight over a period not exceeding 6 weeks. The effects usually appear after a 2 week cycle.

To further increase your performance in endurance sports, you can combine this product with Winstrol or Halotestin. Both are very good in this kind of sport.

Dosage: Eporex-3000 - Meditech - 10 amps - 3000IU

3 injections per week normal dosage (20IU / kg body weight)

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