Sibulean, 30 tabs, 20mg / tab, Meditech

Sibulean, 30 tabs, 20mg / tab, Meditech

Ingredient: Sibutramine
Package: 30 tabs (20 mg / tab)
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Sibulean - Meditech - 30 Tabs - 20mg / Tab

Sibutramine that is the Reductil molecule (usually in the form of the monohydrate hydrochloride salt) is an anorectic oral. Until recently, it was marketed and prescribed as an adjunct in the treatment of exogenous and obesity.
It is not recommended to exceed 12 months of treatment and use Sibutramine if you have cardiovascular history.
Sibutramine is a drug produced since 1997 and used as an adjunctive therapy against obesity nutrition. This is an anorectic phényléthylaminique which causes a change in brain amines resulting in a decrease in the appetite and satiety.
Sibutramine works by inhibiting the reuptake of serotonin and norepinephrine. But unlike the Fenfluramine and its derivatives, it is not circulating serotonin levels and thus did not increase cardiac side effects of the latter. It increases the feeling of satiety and reduces therefore food intake. Sibutramine is particularly effective, it acts early in the cycle (after 2 / 3 days).

Dosage: Sibulean - Meditech - 30 Tabs - 20mg / Tab

Between 20mg and 60mg day

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